Jack the cat was born without eyes. When he was introduced to C.J. a little rescue kitten, he took to her immediately and became like a “mother” to a little white fuzzball. This is an remarkable story.

“Little C.J. was found in the local burn pile, we’re unsure whether she was left there by a human or if her mom was a stray that wandered off or died. A friend of my mom’s found her and planned on keeping her. However, she wasn’t going to be around for a couple days and asked if we’d babysit. While she was here, Jack decided to adopt C.J. He carries the kitten in his mouth like a mother cat would, cleans her, and plays with her. C.J. just loves it. Because of Jack, everyone decided it would be for the best if C.J. stayed here,” said Jamie on her flickr.

little kitten found in barn pile
Little rescue kitty C.J.
cute jack the blind cat adopts rescue kitten
Jack who was born without eyes adopted the new kitten and gives her “motherly” love
cute jack the blind cat adopts rescue kitten
C.J. learning to climb

Latest updates of the two best friends:
Photos by ©Jamie (flickr: Jcspenny).

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