Stray Cats Find Home in a Bookstore in Hong Kong 

source: http://lovemeow.com/2011/05/stray-cats-find-home-in-a-bookstore-in-hong-kong/

cute bookstore cat staff hong kong

One of the kitties adopted into the bookstore

cute bookstore kittens hang out with customer

Two little kittens spending time with a customer 

A small bookstore (SAM KEE Bookstore, 森記圖書) in North Point, Hong kong became a little haven for many local homeless and stray cats. According to Chunli who visited the store recently, the owners of the bookstore have taken in many homeless cats and let them sleep in, play inside and hang out with their customers. The kitties are given plenty of food and love and attention from everyone in the store. They love to patrol around the aisles and nap on a stack of books or often time a customer’s lap.

Many people come to the bookstore to read and spend time with the kitties. Some are regular customers who have bonded with some of the cats in the store.

The bookstore is a permanent home to many cats who otherwise would be roaming the street.  They feel very loved and happy there.

Photos courtesy of ©Chunli Duan (flickr: chunli-duan).

cute bookstore with cats hong kong

Welcome sign in the bookstore

cute cat stands on cat tree bookstore in hong kong

There are many cat trees in the store for the cats to climb and hang out 

cute bookstore cat in basket

Every corner of the store, there is a cat bed for the kitties to nap in 

cute bookstore cats in hong kong

Two of the many cat residents there. 

cute bookstore cat 

cute bookstore cat sleeps in basket

Nap time! 

cute cat bookstore in hong kong

The owners of the bookstore put up a photo of each cat they adopted from the street and created a little gallery in the store. 

cute cat decoration bookstore in hong kong

The bookstore is decorated with all kinds of cat ornaments

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