Birthday Girl donates presents to NYC Kitties

  Birthday Girl donates presents to NYC Kitties

Turning 8 was a great day for Delaney Dietzgen, but it was even greater for hundreds of homeless kitties!

Delaney, who adores all animals, especially cats and dogs, decided to have her friends bring money to her birthday party instead of presents so she could donate the money to New York City Rescued Kitties to help out homeless and hungry cats. Her kindness and generosity helped to raise over $300.00 for the charity. Along with her check, she sent this note: Dear Kitties, I am giving you this money from my 8th birthday party. I hope it helps to keep you warm. I also hope it will buy you lots of good food to eat. I'll be praying that you find good homes soon!-Love, Delaney We hope Delaney will be an inspiration to other young people to open their hearts to those less fortunate. We thank and applaud you Delaney Dietzgen for your wonderful act of kindness!

delaney's letter

If you would like to be like Delaney and make a donation to us, please contact us at 212.353.9783 or nyckitties@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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  1. Dear Delany,

    I am knocked over reading about your generous gesture for your 8th Birthday! You are such a wonderful girl, to help all those kitties, in such a selfless manner. I applaud you!!!