The Seven Little Muffins in the Backgarden

There's a quiet backgarden behind an apartment building on the Lower East Side. You'd hardly notice it if you walked by, but something happened there that's part of life's continuing drama. A homeless gray cat found her way into the sanctuary, and gave birth to eight beautiful kittens.

When they were rescued, the pretty paws were only a few days old, and their eyes were not even opened. Unfortunately, when one was used to lure the mother into a humane trap, she seized the baby and raced off with it.

Newborn kittens must eat every 2 hours, but these feral fuzzy wuzzies missed their mother and refused to be bottle-fed for over 24 hours. Without their mother, they would have surely died. That's when NYC Rescued Kitties stepped in and started making telephone calls to find a nursing mother.

One sympathetic staffer at the CACC - where a hundred cats a day are put to death - kept an eye peeled for a nursing mother, and, sure enough, a few hours later, a suitable tabby was admitted. She was a white-and-brown cat who had lived a hard life. Her ears and tail had been cut off, but she was nursing a gray-and-white kitten.

The nursing mother and her baby were brought to a foster home with the seven kittens from the backgarden. The garden kitties were placed in a large cat carrier, and the gray-and-white kitten from the CACC was placed all the way in the back, so that its mother would have to step across the seven siblings to reach her newborn. She did just that, and then lay down and began to nurse them. And the kittens started thriving! If NYC Rescued Kitties hadn't rescued the seven little muffins from the backgarden - and then scoured the boroughs for a nursing mother - their lives would have been lost. Instead, they have a good chance to be adopted and placed in a loving home.

Won't you please try to help animals in need? Even the smallest donation can make a difference to a helpless, homeless thing. Don't leave the destiny of our most vulnerable creatures to chance.

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