Emergency Surgery Fund-- Please Help !!!

New York City Rescued Kitties goes to extraordinary lengths to rescue, preserve, and protect life, and our work sometimes costs a lot of money. Toby, a 6-year-old brown tabby, is a perfect example.

He was born in one of our homes and is a special cat who's used up two of his nine lives.

Toby's mother, Tara, was pregnant when we rescued her from the Lower East Side. We gave shelter to her and her kittens, and she was later adopted.

One of Toby's siblings, Samantha also was adopted, and the other, Boots, lives with him.

When Toby was 2, we found what we thought was a good, stable home for him. He was a well-behaved cat, but, tragically, two years later, he was returned to us when his adoptive family underwent a domestic crisis.

Then, recently, Toby experienced a sudden and severe urinary tract problem. He started bleeding and was unable to urinate.

Toby was within 24 hours of death when his veterinarian catheterized him. During the operation, Toby stopped breathing on his own for 10 minutes.

The doctors worked desperately on Toby, and after a life-and-death struggle, his respiration was restored.

He was unblocked but complications set in, and we rushed him back to the hospital, where a second emergency catheterization was performed. Now his veterinarian says that Toby needs yet another operation to be cured.

Toby's a sweetheart who's much too young to die, so we're going ahead with the costly procedure. However, we need to raise $2,500 immediately.

Even the smallest donation toward Toby's operation would help defray his unusually heavy medical expenses.

You can mail your checks to New York City Rescued Kitties, P.O. Box 614, New York, NY 10002. Won't you please help us to save Toby's life?

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