Little D'Artagnan Was Down in the Dumpster

Not long ago, a lady was walking her big dog in Staten Island when she saw another woman toss a cardboard box into a garbage dumpster. The dumpster was full of debris, and the box fell to the ground, whereupon the woman proceeded to give it a few hard kicks until it rolled into the gutter. And then she walked away. As the passerby and her dog approached the dumpster, she saw that the box had broken open from the force of the kicks, and a tiny black-and-white kitten with a bushy tail had crawled out and was mewing helplessly at the curbside.

The lady's dog didn't get along well with cats, but, being a Good Samaritan, she hurried to her house, locked her dog inside and bustled back to the dumpster to rescue the kitten.

At first, she couldn't find the poor thing, but then she heard it mew, knelt down and spotted it, and scooped it up. The little fuzz ball was only a few weeks old, and its eyes were hardly opened, so she brought it to a neighbor who had a way with cats and looked after homeless animals. The Cat Lady took in the newborn and brought it to a veterinarian, who prescribed a nursing formula. Back home, the foster mom cleaned up the baby and bottle-fed it, and when it became sick, brought it back to the vet, who said it had worms. After a dose of medicine, the kitten regained its health, and the Cat Lady found a permanent home for it in a house with other rescued cats.

Today, lucky little D'Artagnan is full of vim and vigor. He has a lively personality, knows how to fetch and is very happy with his new friends. He's growing bigger and stronger every day and he likes to fence with his paws, hence his name, after one of the Three Musketeers.

Unfortunately, no one knows the fate of his siblings or what became of his father and mother. Perhaps, D'Artagnan was the only fortunate one. If you see a kitten in distress, think of little D'Artagnan and don't leave it to a certain death in the gutter. Take it off the street, and if you are unable to care for it, give it to NYC Rescued Kitties. No animal deserves to die in a trash heap.

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