Read what our adopters and supporters say about NYC Rescued Kitties:

Read what our adopters and supporters say about NYC Rescued Kitties:
"Karen and her group are deeply dedicated to the health and happiness of the kitties they rescue." May Salisbury
"My sister has been involved from the beginning...her beautiful kitties are adoptees and would not be if it were not for NYC Rescued Kitties...Bravo!!!" Lynda Gorgopa
"I adopted my cat Shadow from NYC Rescued Kitties. They are a wonderful, devoted, and incredibly hard working organization." Debbie Hecht
"This is the most amazing place in the world. NO cat is turned away and the owner does everything in her power to get cats placed."
"I believe this shelter provides wonderful services to our adorable feline friends." Krisna Urena
"My dear cat came from NYC Rescued Kitties. They are wonderful!" Cathy Cooper

"They're an awesome shelter that takes such good care of kitties that need homes. Love this place. And love my rescue cats."
Maria Schriber
"Because of the extraordinary effort they make to find good homes for the kitties they rescue, in many extra special ways. And NY Rescued Kitties happen to be the nicest people too!" Ellen Friedman
"My friend, Dorothy Gordon, says it's just the best!! She adopted her kitty there." Leslie Guillen

"It does wonderful work and I have two gorgeous kitties that I adopted from it." Tobi Elkin
"It is a great rescue group, where I found my beloved Indigo when I really needed a kitty. He is a really great kitty and Karen does such a wonderful job." Lisa Levy
"I have been supporting this shelter since 2004. My two current fabulous furboys, Ren & Stimpy, were both adopted from this wonderful organization." Jude Gorgopa

"I adopted my wonderful Prishka from Rescue Kitties. Prishka was happy and very well taken care of. A wonderful organization. Her she is having a conversation with a guest at the apartment."
Dorothy Gordon

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