A story of Cassiopia


New York City Rescued Kitties is a no-kill shelter. However, that doesn't mean that every animal we care for lives a long life. Many creatures that we take in are in such poor health, they require immediate medical attention. Even then, not all survive.

Cassiopia is one such animal. She's a gentle 11-year-old brown-and-white Norwegian Forest Cat. She was found in a lot on the Lower East Side with her brother, Jupiter, when she was 2 months old. Her brother only lived another year.

Cassiopia somehow survived the mean streets of the big city, but she faces new struggles: a half-inch stone in her bladder and rotten teeth. She needs an operation and major dental work.

Please donate something to help Cassiopia get well. Even a small amount would help. If you prefer to donate directly to Cassiopia's veterinary hospital, please contact New York City Rescued Kitties for details. Call 212.353.9783 or e-mail nyckitties@yahoo.com.

If enough people care, animals such as Cassiopia might have a chance to live a full life, free of suffering.

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